What Is Oocyte (Egg) Storage?

Oocyte storage is the storage of a woman’s frozen oocytes for future use. To collect oocytes, women are often administered fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries into producing more eggs. The eggs can then be used in one of many different types of fertilization methods, or frozen and stored for future treatment cycles or donation. If eggs are to be stored, they are cryopreserved by either the vitrification technique or the more conventional slow-freeze method and transferred to liquid nitrogen-filled tanks for long-term preservation. Oocyte freezing, once considered experimental, is now successful and widely offered by clinics around the globe. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine lifted the experimental label from Oocyte freezing in young women in late 2012 due to the successful data which has been presented.

Who Uses Oocyte Storage and Why?

  • Women concerned with future fertility
  • Cancer Patients
  • Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters
  • High Impact Athletes
  • Transgender Clients

At ReproTech, we are known for providing many affordable and cost-effective options for long-term oocyte storage. For more information on next steps, please contact us at any one of our locations by clicking here.

The Long-term Oocyte Storage Experts

In 1990, ReproTech was founded for the sole purpose of providing long-term reproductive tissue storage, and today it still remains our primary focus. We provide the industry’s safest, most secure, and best managed long-term storage facility. In fact, more clinics ship eggs to us than to any other cryostorage facility.

We also pride ourselves on providing the best value possible for our patients. For more information, please call the facility nearest you, or visit our page on financial assistance.

When long-term oocyte storage is needed, trust your future to the leaders in fertility preservation.

How Do I Get Started With Oocyte Storage?

ReproTech works closely with fertility preservation centers across the United States to make oocyte storage services available nationwide. We do not provide oocyte freezing services ourselves, however, we have established valuable and long-lasting relationships with clinics that do. These clinics are part of our network of freezing centers and they provide our patients with freezing services. After preservation, ReproTech coordinates the transportation of your frozen oocytes to our facilities for their long-term storage.

Oocyte storage consultation appointments are available for scheduling within one to three days of your initial call. To begin the process of freezing your oocytes, please visit our Network of Freezing Centers to find an Oocyte Freezing Center near you.

To find more information on the long-term storage of your frozen oocytes, please click the location nearest you:

Disposition Options

Contact ReproTech for options for final disposition of oocyte storage once your oocyte storage needs have ended.